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Criminal Defense

The attorneys of Grecco Downs, PLLC are highly experienced in criminal defense and have seen and dealt with nearly every type of criminal offense on the books. With that experience comes a great breadth of knowledge to use to the advantage of our clients in zealously advocating for their rights and achieving the best possible resolutions. We also use that knowledge to make sure that our clients fully understand the criminal justice process in order for them to make the most informed choices available to them.

Representation in Local, State, and Federal Courts

Grecco Downs, PLLC practices in Federal courts and the State and Municipal courts of Washington and Oregon. We represent people charged with all types of criminal offenses including felonies and misdemeanors, and we represent people post-conviction on matters including probation violations, appeals of convictions, and habeas corpus relief. The attorneys at Grecco Downs, PLLC have represented clients charged with violations ranging from fishing violations to murder charges, so no case is too small or too large to handle.

DUI/DWI Defense

DUI/DWI cases are of particular note because of the scientific nature of the evidence and because of the extraordinary collateral consequences involved, including but not limited to, pre-trial alcohol monitoring conditions imposed by the court, driver’s license suspension, high-risk insurance and ignition interlock requirements, and mandatory minimum jail time and fines. It is especially important to hire an attorney at the earliest opportunity when dealing with a DUI/DWI to help you correctly navigate through this complicated process. With over two decades of experience defending hundreds of clients facing DUI/DWI charges, Grecco Downs, PLLC is uniquely qualified to represent you in this capacity.

Vacation/Expungement of Convictions and Restoration of Firearm Rights

If you have prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, you may be eligible to have them vacated and/or expunged under applicable state and federal laws, and we are available to help. In addition, if you have lost your firearm rights due to misdemeanor or felony convictions, we are available to assist you in petitioning to restore those rights under applicable state and federal laws.

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