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Traffic & Speeding Tickets

Moving violations such as speeding tickets, defective equipment, school or construction zone infractions, and failure to obey a traffic control device can have a negative impact beyond just a court fine. Your insurance rates may go up, juveniles with intermediate licenses may become suspended, drivers with multiple infractions may see their licenses suspended, and those with a commercial driver's license may have that privilege terminated.

The attorneys of Grecco Downs have experience in front of local judges in all manner of traffic infraction hearings. Typically, we can represent you at traffic infraction hearings without you being present. This saves you time in not having to prepare for or attend a hearing, it gives you peace of mind from having an experienced attorney handling your hearing, and it saves you money from not having to pay increased insurance premiums and fine payments when an infraction is dismissed or found not committed.

Winning a traffic ticket or licensing hearing is a difficult proposition on your own. Contact us to represent you in speeding ticket and traffic ticket hearings, and license suspension and license reinstatement hearings.

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