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Client Reviews

I would like to say thank you so much for all you have done and taking the time to go out of your way to help me as if the problem was yours. If anyone needs help with anything involving traffic infractions diane is the girl to get the job done. Thanks once again for the help, I appreciate it. god bless

I hired Diane for a small legal matter while living out of the area. Her timely and professional response to my legal matter was greatly appreciated. I was very satisfied and impressed with the personal care and service I received after hiring her. I would gladly recommend her services in the future to anyone that asks or is in need.

I used her for multiple situations. She has been excellent every time. She is very professional and thorough. She will always be my first choice...

Diane was easy to work with and was prompt and thorough. I would definitely hire her again.

I would recommend Diane Grecco to any friends or strangers in need of a lawyer. It quickly became apparent that she had built up a reputation and personal relationship over her career with the different judges, prosecutors, and court clerks that I came into contact with during my case. I had never been required to go to court or stand in front of a judge and she was always professional and handled my affairs in the best of my interest and also explained all possibilities and explained the realistic percentages for different paths to go forward in navigating the legal system. Looking back, I would have been completely lost on my own or just another number had I chosen to be assigned a public defender. In the end, I received a very positive court decision due to Diane's handling of my case, while avoiding more court dates. She had professional relationships with the judge and prosecutor and was able to meet outside court to discuss my case and get it resolved without appearing in court or in front of a jury. In our meetings in her office, I always felt listened to and she took the time to explain how ''these types of things'' usually turn out. I received personal phone calls and emails updating me on my court proceedings and always felt informed as to what her next step would be and what I would need to do.

I had my license suspended awhile back and I turned to Diane to help get it settled. She was patient with me and exceeded my expectations as well as got my case resolved quickly. She knew exactly what she was doing and made me feel confident in the outcome.

Diane is a great lawyer and advocate. She helps her clients navigate the legal system in a way that is very reassuring. She is a very hard worker.

I have worked with Diane for years. She is truly committed to her clients and obtaining the best results possible. She brings a lot of hard-earned experience and knowledge into her practice. She has acted as a mentor and role model to me and many other of her colleagues. Diane is a stand out in a sea of faces in the legal business. She has genuine compassion and concern for her clients yet she is a tough, focused litigator who is respected by judges, prosecutors, and her peers. I would highly recommend Diane if you're looking for an attorney who will fight hard for you, yet always maintains an attitude of professionalism and respect.

Diane is far more than a great lawyer. I worked with Diane to finalize my divorce and was very pleased with the results. She is very good at explaining things to her clients and making sure they are aware of the all the options they have. She never left me wondering about anything and always answered my questions quickly even at nights and weekends. Diane also pays close attention to everything and leaves no room for errors. Her support and experience helped me finalize my divorce sooner than I expected and I actually got everything I asked for. During the period I worked with Diane she was very helpful and extremely friendly. I would definitely recommend Diane and her legal team to anyone. With her you can feel secure in knowing that your best interest is her top priority.

About nine years ago I was falsely accused of a very heinous crime for which I did not commit. Diane was working then with the local public defenders office and took on my case. From the very beginning she treated me like a human being, not like the monster that the police and courts attempted to portray me as. She fought for me tooth and nail and gave me not the slightest doubt that she believed 110% in my innocence and she fought for me just the same. When everybody in my life turned their backs on me she was one of the only people in the world that stuck with me not just as my attorney but as a friend. She is a lawyer that cares for her clients and doesn't simply do her job out of a sense of obligation or a desire for the money that it may bring but rather because she genuinely wants to help people who need help and are not in a position to fight for themselves in the legal arena. Though my case did not turn out the way in which we would have hoped it too, I am confident in saying that there are not goin to be too many lawyers in this world who are going to care as much and fight as hard for their clients as Diane Grecco. If you want a lawyer who is knowledgable, reliable, caring, and refuses to give up on you than she is the person to have on your side. Even nearly ten years later she still communicates with me and shows interest in the direction that my life has taken after representing me. She is definitely a one of a kind person who will help u get your legal problems situated in a desirable way.

I was falsely arrested and charged with a DUI.I felt hopeless and discouraged. Then I had an appointment with Dianne Grecco. She listened intently to my story and interviewed my witnesses. She went to bat for me and the charges were dropped. Justice is something that can't be taken for granted but I had faith in her integrity and ability to get to the truth and it was well placed. Having a good lawyer is as important as having a good doctor. I highly recommend Dianne Grecco for swift and effective results. She is a cut above the rest.

I have hired Sean twice now for traffic tickets. He has been so great to work with. Very quick and informative responses and great results. Thank you Sean!

Sean was very helpful in dealing with our matter in Clark County District Court. I had a few questions along the way and he was extremely responsive to each one. His experience with our issues led to us getting them dismissed.

Sean provided excellent service. Notifying me during the process and resolving the situation in my favor. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs professional legal service.

Sean Downs is an amazing lawyer and very kind and helpful, he was in constant communication as well as responds quickly to any form of communication. Highly recommend him as your lawyer.

I am so thankful for Sean! He answered all questions we had and he responded so quickly and even late into the evening. I would message with questions assuming he would get to it in a day or 2 but no he would respond so fast! Very happy the case was dropped and our insurance will not be going up! Definitely recommend and will for sure be using again in the future if needed! Thanks again Sean!

Very professional, speedy and took care of everything almost without leaving me worried about anything during the whole court process. Will be recommending to friends and family 100%!!

Sean is absolutely amazing! Here's why, i found otr (off the record) and decided to give it a try. 1st ticket i had a great outcome and Sean had been appointed to me. Second ticket comes along and he the first guy i got in touch with once again he won! Awesome! So this 3rd time I'm a little more worried about the ticket but also more confident in my attorney! Never had to do anything! From the beginning he sent the contested notice so i didn't even need to go to the mailbox and handled everything keeping me well informed the whole time and once again! Got it dropped! I've referred the app and Sean to several co workers and family members and i hope i don't get pulled over in my bright orange sports car again! But if so, I'm getting in touch with him again! Super easy to work with and really goes the extra mile to win! I couldn't be happier with his services! Thanks Sean!

Sean was a great lawyer to chose, he is very easy to work with and gets things done in a very timely manner. He didnt waist anytime on this case and i couldnt be happier. Although I hope i never need to use him again, but i would in a heart beat. I am so happy we found him!

This guy is awesome, kept in touch and got the job done and saved my tail. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Great firm! I contacted them with 2 hefty tickets, had great communication with Sean, and we got the ticket dismissed over the phone. I did not even need to show up. Thanks!

I was very happy with my dealings with Sean and Grecco Downs, he was able to get my traffic infraction dismissed and answered every one of my questions along the way.

About 3 years ago i was served papers from a women that said i had been cyber stocker her for 20 years. But she couldnt say why? I had never met this women. Well after 15 months all charges where dropped. Thanks Sean

Sean helped me out in a gun possession charge which was bullsh*t to begin with... he listened to my issue acknowledged the fu*kery and helped me get the proper forms and verbage to the judge so they would back off... would recommend him %100 especially if you’re really not breaking the law

Sean did a great job of explaining the process, and helped us understand what options we had with potential outcomes. After hearing our side of our story, and reading the police report, Sean was able to help guide us in making the right decision we felt most comfortable with. Long story short; Sean was able to get every ticket removed.

Sean was great. He kept me informed throughout the process and argued my case successfully to have a speeding ticket dropped. Even though I don't live in the area, he was still able to work with me and made the process very simple. I would definitely recommend him.

Now I can see why there are so many positive testimonials about this law firm. I highly recommend this law firm.

I had finally landed a great job and was about to lose my cdl along with my job because I got caught having fun on a motorcycle. I received a $400 speeding ticket and my life was about to change for the worst. I called Sean Downs and he seemed very knowledgeable and informative throughout the whole process. He took everything off my hands and handled it all until he got the case dismissed. Best $250 I have ever spent. I would highly recommend him.

After 20 years of a clean driving record and no police stops I recieved my first traffic infraction. Sean advised me of all my options and ensured me that he would defend my driving record. We were able to prepare everything ahead of time and I was not required to miss valuable work time to appear in court. My infraction was dismissed thanks to Sean's hard work and preparation. I recommend him to all my friends and family.

I was assigned Sean Downs as my attorney for my criminal defense trial. I was falsely accused and he proved my innocence. I would like to thank Sean for giving me what I cherish most in my life, my freedom. I have never had to deal with the criminal justice system before and during this stressful time, he kept me informed and went out of his way to prove the accusations against me were false. I recommend Sean as he is a knowledgeable skilled attorney that goes above and beyond what is necessary to ensure he wins the case.

Sean's knowledge base is far reaching and I can always rely on his expertise to lead me towards the right path. I would highly recommend this attorney if you value integrity and intelligence. You will be very pleased.

Sean Downs has recently represented me on a case and was fa-nominal at his job . He actually looked into things when nobody else would . Because of his persistence in my case and diligent hard work I have won my case . I could never thank him enough for the gift he has give me . Also the opportunity's he has opened up to me . Sean cared when I thought no one would , And made me feel comfortable and I trust him beyond a doubt . He has gone above and beyond for me and I know he will treat you with the same professionalism as he did for me . I want to put this great man on retainer for life . Yes he is really that good !!!! I find my self in his debt for everything . Thank You Sean Downs for everything you have done for me and I will forever be in you debt .

I was so fortunate to find Sean and have him help me through this extremely difficult time in my life. He was extremely knowledgable and friendly and I felt that he was always there for me when I needed him. He was always extremely prepared for our meetings, was able to answer all of my questions and always got back to me very quickly. I felt that he fought for me and my rights and did everything he could to ensure that I was treated fairly as I navigated through the criminal justice system. I hope I never have need for his services again but I know that if I do, he will be there for me. I highly recommend Sean and Grecco Downs. I was overwhelmed with the excellent job he did and know that he will give all future clients the same high level of care and attention that he gave to me.

Attorney Sean Downs is an excellent lawyer, an extremely hard worker, and a great guy! I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice.

I had a speeding ticket and Mr. Downs took the time to dig into the details to help me fight it. Full dismissal!

Sean downs is by far the most intellectual as well as caring attorney I've dealt with. He handled my case and was the extremely professional and helpful. He handled it in a very personal way and always put in his full effort into making sure my best interest was taken into consideration by the courts.

Grecco Downs was able to have my traffic infraction dismissed and answered every question I had along the process

Sean Downs with Grecco Downs pllc. Amazing! Got connected with him through a ticket fighting app, was charged with a serious driving charge and got it dropped beyond my expectations so the ticket would not appear on my record! This was very important to me as i work in the automotive industry and need to be insurable! So i get a new traffic ticket. I have an orange car. Lol. And even though he wasn't yet hired by me. He answered my questions and even told me i could possibly request him again through the app instead of hiring him personally which would have been slightly more expensive! Hes worth the more expensive price! And i will gladly pay it! Not only that but the entire conversation we had took place on the weekend! They weren't even open!!! This guy went way way above and beyond! The only thing i thought was crazy was the limited number of reviews! All 5 stars but don't let that low number fool you! This guy is amazing! If you're having second thoughts on hiring him. Throw those out the window and hire him immediately! Worth every single dollar! If you want someone who will go above and beyond, fight for you and even care about the outcome! Sean Downs with Grecco Downs pllc is the guy you want to see! I know me and my orange sports car will be using him time and time again! Thanks so much Sean!

Great firm. Got both my tickets dismissed over the phone with no problems.

Best Lawer ever!! Highly recommend!!! Dismissed my ticket!!!thank you !

Did a good job with finding a way to take care of my ticket.

Peer Endorsements

Diane is an excellent defense attorney. She is a very good negotiator, but plays hard ball when she needs to. She stands up for her clients and is dedicated to getting them great results.

Diane is one of the most caring attorneys I have ever known. She will do a great job walking you through the system and taking care of your case. I highly recommend her.

Ms. Grecco is a professional and zealous advocate. She knows criminal defense and I would not hesitate to send clients to her for help. Great lawyer.

I endorse this lawyer. I've known Diane and worked along side her for years. She knows criminal defense and does a great job for her clients.

Sean often contributes to complicated areas of DUI law. If you are in Spokane looking for representation, you need to call him asap!

I endorse Sean. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.

Over the course of five years, I have known and at times worked closely with Sean. In that time, he has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity, and competency. He is a truly committed and zealous advocate.

I have known Sean most of his legal career. He is consistently on the cutting edge of DUI and other criminal defense related issues. I can strongly endorse his work.

I endorse this lawyer wholeheartedly. Sean is calm, smart, solid and easygoing. You will love him and his work.

Sean is an intelligent and hard working lawyer. I'm impressed with his professionalism and integrity. He prepares well and has a good understanding of cases and the best defenses. As an opposing counsel on cases against Sean, I found him to be a competent adversary who is committed to zealously representing his clients.

Sean is a skilled litigator and zealous advocate for his clients. Sean knows the law and knows how to win. I endorse Sean Downs.

Sean Downs is an outstanding lawyer--his legal knowledge and skill are prodigious, and he will spend the time and effort to find any advantage for a client. Sean is the type of lawyer who will find legal issues that less skilled lawyers will overlook. He is professional and courteous as he aggressively pursues his clients' interests. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

I've know Sean since he started with the public defender's office and he is one of the smartest attorney you could hope to hire. He will definitely do a great job for you.

Sean is a fantastic criminal defense attorney. He brings a keen mind and fresh enthusiasm to each new problem. His presence will be missed in Spokane. Vancouver is getting a bright addition to its legal community. Any client facing criminal issues will be well served by Sean.

I endorse this lawyer. Sean worked for our law firm from October 2006 until April 2008. At the time he was interning for our firm he worked 20 hours per week and full time in the summer months. Over the years we have had a number of interns and I can say that Sean was one of the best we had. He possessed the requiste skill, intelligence and dedication it took to become a fine attorney. I know that he has worked for the public defenders since leaving our office and I have heard that he has continued the good work he started with our office. I strongly recommend Sean as an attorney.

Sean Downs is one of the most dedicated lawyers I have ever met. He knows criminal law better than the vast majority of attorney's practicing in Washington. One thing you can guarantee when you hire Sean as your lawyer is that you are retaining someone who will work harder than any other attorney and will do everything in his power to get you the best deal available. He is also honest and trustworthy. I would recommend Sean to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.

I went to law school with Sean and have also had several opportunities to see him in action in the courtroom. Sean has both the brains and the experience, which makes him one of the finest legal talents in the area. I can strongly endorse his work.

I have known Mr. Downs for several years and had the opportunity to work with him and to watch his work from afar. I recommend his services to anyone looking for someone to fight for their rights.

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